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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~~ ** Sorry for the Delay ** ~~

EDIT (4/10/2013) :: please disregard the following as it has been fixed.

Ladies and gentlemen I have a slight announcement:

until further notice I may not be able to post anything worthy of this collection.

In short, I went to turn on my computer Sunday morning to upload the next story when I found that it simply came up with an "Aptio Utility Setup Screen," being the BIOS for the ASUS that I use. Turns out something happened to cause the hard drive to be destroyed and thus left me with nothing more than borrowed time on a friend's computer to even post this. Geek Squad said that since what I had was an HDD the drive wouldn't slowly go bad over time like most other computers which use SDDs, and that what happened was most likely caused by a malfunction in the hardware or defect in the product itself.

Excuses aside, while I am down a few stories due to my suddenly wiped drive, I will post the very same number of stories that I miss from here onward, starting with the currently missing number due last Sunday. The problem is that I haven't any clue as to when I might be able to get my computer back which means this could go on for a few weeks or so.

I'll do what I can with tales that I've previously written and have yet to post onto any blog site, but Google Drive only holds so many of what I had done. Imagine having an entire folder of stories to post being wiped from your hard drive, and you don't remember any of them enough to rewrite them... it's like having a piece of me get erased for eternity.

Anyways, sorry for the delay henceforth and upcoming, but I will be sure to update as soon as I humanly can.

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