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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Whispers in the Darkness

"Whispers in the Darkness"
part 1 of 3
Gary Baker, February 2013

The screen flicked on. A scratchy scene glazed in apple green.

At first all that was visible was a blank wall to one side, the slate grey tones lost to the discoloration of the video feed. Midway along the wall stood a sturdy colorless lampshade without cords, though light emanated from it like any other. Along the back wall, just beyond the lamplight, hung a common unfurnished bed held to the wall by bolts with taught chains that kept the outer edge from falling.

People huddled together on the mattress pad like fear-struck pests lost in a catacomb of burrows. The farmer had the plow running, now the inevitable loomed before them as the blades picked up their whir.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blood to Dust

"Blood to Dust"
an excerpt
Gary Baker, January 2013
(beginning of book one, chapter eight)

Elias checked the dial on his watch.

West by SouthWest

“Good,” he breathed with relief.

Thankfully Melanie had never noticed the compass inlaid into the base of his time piece, and as such had been more than amazed each time they reached another rise where they could see the smoke plume again.

Looks like scouts didn’t leave me completely stranded after all.

It was more a realization than he had thought it would be, since each time he had ever actually needed the piece of equipment or the proper knowledge of its use had been within city limits until this. Most parks back home had been longer north-south than east-west, usually gated in by highways and the occasional coastline, and thus were easy to navigate without the use of a compass providing you knew the area well enough.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


 a mystery
Gary Baker, January 2013
(the beginning of a longer project)

"Welcome, Dr. Mathias," the gray-suited man turned to face Dr. Henry Mathias from behind a well-made oak desk, "if you would so choose, we shall begin." The man shifted a slim lock of silvery hair behind one ear and leaned back into the plush black leather. "First off, Dr. Mathias is dead, Dr."

Henry scowled. As intriguing as it had been, being brought from the central train station in Madrid all the way to this unknown skyscraper not far off, subsequently followed by the long elevator ride into the depths of who-knew where, the man's tone set him on edge. Finally he managed to shift in his seat, an uncomfortable guest chair with sparse cushioning and an awkward pattern, and mumble aloud. "But I'm not."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Tower

"The Tower"
from Kingdom's Rise
Gary Baker, January 2013
(part of a longer project)
Hal'Ven dropped his gaze quickly as he strode up to the gathered men at the fire. Lithomir noted that he deferred to their new leader with much due respect.

"...and when she saw me, I-" Kudrov scowled as his audience glanced to Hal'Ven, then turned to face the youth with a mouthful of annoyance.

Lithomir expected Kudrov to demand the reason for an intrusion into the inner circle of affairs, but instead found the several bandits looking to him as though deferring to a lord's opinion and guidance. With a dismissive wave, he nodded to the boy. "Hal'Ven," the youth beamed at the sound of his name as though excited it had been remembered, "what is it?"