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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trifecta: The Rave Suit Rebellion

“Trifecta: The Rave Suit Rebellion”
Gary Baker, April 2012
(prologue to a longer project)

Rodney watched the sea of human bodies as they chanted and screamed the bands nickname: "Rave Suit." The knot in his stomach grew with a jolt of electricity.

Beautiful dark-haired, fair-skinned Rose calmly stepped up to the mic, waving her arms to heighten the madness. Standing before the mic, clad in tight black-nylon leggings, black stiletto heel boots, and a pitch-black sports bra that barely hid her chest, she smirked at the many hover-cams floating over the audience like bubbles.

Suddenly her legs slammed her dangerous leather boots to the stage with a loud crack, silencing the ungodly-loud, shadowed crowd. Arms outstretched dramatically, she eyed the cameras seductively. "My people!" She shouted in her girlishly deep voice, answered by more audience madness. "We all flock here tonight for something." A pause for effect.
"A similar something which exists to bring us back to ancient times." Another pause, filled with screams of excitement and profanities of love--at which she merely winked. "And that something, which exerts more power than the Trifecta-" at the disgusted-toned mentioning of the corrupt government agency, which harshly ruled more than half the known worlds, the plethora sounded into a monstrous force of hateful boo's and malicious slurs. "Yes, this something," Rose continued, "exists to bring us music--real music!" The crowd switched to cheers of excitement in a split second, which Rose fed on like the raw energy of an electric transformer. "Music, from the dawn of our once-new age--when technology first began to bloom into the magnificent ROSE BUSH it is today!"

Rodney smiled, silently acknowledging Rose's self-cameo in her speech. As the lead singer to a band of illegal music-makers he might as well be attacking a government building with machine guns for all the publicity this show would probably get, so if the love of his rock star life wanted some of the limelight by all means he'd let her have it.

Rose went on beyond the shadows that Rodney hid in, riling up the crowd for the bands first worldwide underground tour as fog machines covered the stage in an eerie smoke. "So now, without further delay-" Rodney could see the bassist Will, electric guitarist Sellam, and drummer Brutus, take their places behind their respective instruments while the audience reached a new level of 'insanity'. "The tribute band to the masters of the old art: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-!"

Brutus picked up his sticks and began hitting the retro-looking drums in front of him to start the first song of the show. Seeing the normally-calm drummer's excitement, Rodney could see this particular show would easily murder the awe from any of their previous events.

Rodney's heart raced, and smoke spurted out from a door frame where he would walk on stage.

"I give you-!"

Rodney breathed hard, preparing to face his fear of large crowds.


The lead singer, covered in his thematic black electric jumpsuit, flicked on the switch which sent florescent darting colors across its surface--and the monstrous noise of voices went up several notches higher.


Sellam began strumming his guitar, one stroke for each step Rodney took toward the microphone where Rose still posed.


Quickly Rose darted back, passing Rodney muttering as she passed. "Dressing room after the show; be ready to rock my world next." With a wink she was strolling off stage sending Rodney to his place. Caressing the mic with lips to feel the rough metal surface, and his heart jolted to the pace of a million hummingbird heartbeats added together.

Then Sellam hit Rodney's cue note as nearly topless female fans professed their undying love.

"Hey girl you know you drive me crazy," Rodney began, reciting the lyrics through deadly nerves. "One look puts your rhythm in my hand, still I never understand why you hang around, I see what's going down."

A beautiful long-haired blonde jumped up and down, singing along as her chest bounced in unison to the beat. Rodney smirked, focusing on her while thinking of Rose's proposal. "Cover up with make-up in the mirror," he turned to see a bob-cut black-haired girl to his left, and focused on her instead. "Tell yourself it's never gonna happen again." Just ahead of him, Rodney could see a shirtless man with short spiked hair, pink eyeliner, and abs that any man would only dream of, blowing him a kiss from lips painted glowing hot-pink. "You cry alone and then he swears he-" Rodney's arms shot out towards the man, slowly moving outward, beginning to kick into an adrenaline-enhanced high. "-loves you!"

Another blonde, viciously seductive, tried to respond to his words with her own call of love, but was drowned out by the others around her.

Rodney smiled, flowing quickly into the chorus. "Do you feel like a man," a dark-skinned woman with cornrows, "when you push her around?" A short youthful girl dressed conservatively with brown pigtails and streamers in her hair. "Do you feel better now," a mosh-pit began as he pointed slightly off center with his out-held left arm, "as she falls to the ground?" Hover-cams floated just meters away, one much closer than the others, reflecting the strobing colors of his jumpsuit in front of thousands of faces beyond. Smirking ecstatically at the sheer awe of such a sight, Rodney snapped into holding his right arm out much like he had just held his left and moved his left to his side. "Well I'll tell you my friend," and then he saw it--a remarkably well-dressed individual moving through the liquid mass of bodies leaving a small wake like that of a canoe on the surface of a lake. "One day this world's got to end," further intrigue came as Rodney noticed a half-shadowed insignia on the mans left shoulder. "As your lies crumble down," then a small, nearly impossible to notice, rift in the crowd enabled Rodney to see a mostly hidden firearm at the mans side. "A new life she has found."

In horror, the lead singer of Rave Suit continued singing even as another audience member angrily snatched away the weapon. "A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect," eyes wide, Rodney could see the new man shove the Trifecta spy, who then spun hard with a serious hay-maker at the crowd-members head. "Every action in this world has a consequence," then the crowd members head burst dark liquids outward in a bloody mess as the spy fluidly caught the gun in his now knife-free hand and brought it up to aim at the Rave Suit Apparatus's lead singer.

In less than a fraction of a second from the first murder, long before surrounding members in the crowd could even feign to notice, the spy pulled the trigger and Rodney's world flashed into white nothingness.

Finally noticing, girls screamed, the music cut off, and a riot began as Rose ran with tears flooding down her face.

And while everyone tried to reach Rodney's bloody mass on stage, others fleeing altogether, no one saw as the spy beamed away before any harm could come to him or his superiors.

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